Mass test on Singularity: Thursday, December 14th, 2017

Logged in and loaded

I get logged in but not fully loaded. Just my coms and the station controls, . nothing renders in main window

Edit; Undockign fixed it


I keep trying to log into the Singularity server to participate, but I keep getting the “Invalid Username/Password” error. I’m a relatively new player (10 days give or take).

I’ve reset my password and everything, but to no avail. I’m literally barred from participating. Isn’t there anything I can do about it?

Still can’t log on but good luck with your test :slight_smile:

I restarted my launcher and it let me in after getting the Error code: GUID

This is most likely your issue. The test server operates off a snap shot of the live server, so its old data. The current mirror for SISI is several weeks old now, Therefore you simply do not exist on it.

You will have to wait until the next mirror (when the live server data is copied over to the test server).

moving to location. Wonder if I’m late

So I’m basically barred from participating.


For now, yes. You are not being picked on, no accounts created in the last several weeks will exist on the test server.

Mirror’s happen every couple of months or so.

Not saying I’m being picked on, just think this kind of detail should be made more clearly known for newer players, considering it’s unterstandable that we might not be privy to the more finer details regarding server mirroring and such due to our recent introductions, and that newer players are most likely the ones with the biggest need for any kind of boost such as skillpoints or the like given our barely existent resources to obtain them.

Just a thought for the next time something like this is announced.

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Very good point. I’ll see how we can include this in a better way for future mass test announcements.

Glad I could help.

That is probably true @CCP_Habakuk can maybe update the Test server info posts.

I think you also missed that skill points awarded on SISI STAY ON SISI, they are not transferable to the live server in anyway.

The test server is a throwaway environment, nothing there lasts (each mirror wipes all previous data) and nothing ever ever gets back to TQ (live) from there, not skillpoints, not isk, not ships nada, nicht, zip.

Not sure if I’m understanding this correctly, but for what I gather from your words, you’re saying that the 2M skillpoints referred to in the announcement are basically null and void in the game per se?

If this is the case, what is the reward the participants are obtaining for their time as testers? If there is any, that is.

The idea is that you get a block of SP up front to allocate to any skill you like. You can then test out new ships / modules / playstyles without having to spend those SP on the live server only to find that you don’t actually like that ship or whatever.

Its like a preview of what you can do in a couple of months time.

Logged into singularity, so where do I find these advertised skillpoints?
Says I need daily alpha injector to train.

Doesn’t help so much for the alphas, but eh

Well, I won’t give my personal opinion on the “reward” concept itself because it’s not the point of my messages, but it might be a good idea to also clarify this point more directly along with the previous one mentioned (a small parenthesis with the clarification is probably more than sufficient for this).

I’m just speaking for myself here as a new player, but as a layman, I understood something completely different, and would have not known any better should I have not taken the time to access the forums, know which questions to ask and which questions to ask clarifications for… I mean, I did, but I’m sure a great majority wouldn’t do / Wouldn’t know how to.

Just looking provide my own feedback on the matter. Good luck with your testing for those involved.

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Unfortunately you will find that “this is Eve”. It is a huge, sprawling thing with basically no manual, no instructions. Google is your friend. Vital info is hidden and scattered across the interwebs.

Oh and