Mass Test on Singularity: Monday, 27th May at 1700 (third time's the charm)

Greetings bug hungry Capsuleers,

This may sound familiar, but… we are planning a mass test on Singularity on Monday 27th of May, at 17:00 UTC (= EVE time) to test improvements to SKINS and other changes

What exactly is being tested?

  • SKINS – We are making improvements to how SKINs are handled to make the systems around them more robust.
  • Stability - we have identified and fixed a mac related stability issue

How to connect to Singularity for this test:

  • Change the server from Tranquility to Singularity in the top right corner of the launcher and log in as normal
  • More detailed instructions are available here

What else should I know?
We have performed a mirror of Tranquility to Singularity as of 10,-MAY-24
15,000 Evermarks will be awarded to our brave volunteers

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Had to do it on a U.S. holiday?

So the new custom ship skin designs will cost evemarks and not plex…. Sweet!

Didnt say that anywhere

Then what is the 15k evemarks for on the test server?

Instead of skillpoints as a reward for the mass test, they are giving evermarks, which are needed for the alliance or corp logos.

The last one gave out evermarks as well.

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The 15,000 Evermarks will be rewarded on Tranquility.


May I fly one of these on the test server?

VIP will be lifted on Singularity at 1630 EVE time and the server will be restarted at 1830 EVE time.

The test has now concluded ; we will gather a list of participants and distribute the 15,000 EverMarks on Tranquility later this week.

Thank you all for participating and fly safe o7

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Singularity just did a shutdown, I set my alarm too late.
Because Iceacid Frostpacker was logged n does that mean that he will receive the 15K Evermarks too?

logs are uploaded by submitting a ticket
3 crashes, this is the most eventful day, I used to play for about a month and only encountered 1

I did notice a few interesting issues.

  1. Skins were okay…swapping on instruction. Was on grid…not in fleets.
  2. After the station was blammed and following instructions…suddenly found myself inside an Azrael Titan…it was also skin swapping…I was inside a Republic Fleet Issue Thrasher. Was confused for a moment, had some issues even with the modules not responding to input commands.
  3. Warped to Sun…got on grid has Azrael wrapped around me for a bit, then it “popped” no more issue.
  4. Warp to Poitet Gate, no skin issues. But on grid of Poitet Gate skins started to randomly cycle without input as players passed me in warp in during the fleet massing. Weaponry fitted to ship would also randomize skins as well.
  5. Warping through gate of Poitet…swapped to Kronos…not RFI Thrasher.

Me too! I don’t know why, when everyone jumped gate together, my Rorq turned into a phoenix. I don’t think it was because someone clicked jump at the same time as me for this issues…

If iceacid participated then yes. Just being logged in on sisi doesnt guarantee the evermarks

We participated via being online

Doesnt count

15,000 Evermarks have been provided for those who participated. Thanks to everyone who joined the test!

Hmm Geo pls, how do I even know if Evermarks are deposited onto my pilot?

Where does it display history for this currency?

@CCP_Arcade can tell you if you received evermarks. If you didnt participate, but just logged in on sisi im assuming no