So I went on sisi to help with mass testing of abyssal. Went to target system using /moveme. Now I’m done and want to go back to Delve where I started from. Simple I thought and typed in /moveme but the pop up list didn’t have my system anywhere near. So I say says to myself, “Self, I’ll just death clone back to system as that is where my med clone is”. So I leave station in a pod and self destruct. Surprise but I wound up in the starter station where my clone first awoke way back when I first started playing Eve.
So now the question is…is there a simple way to get back or do I have to fly all the way there? Thanks for any help.

Going to have to fly all the way back there, as a question, your medical clone, was it by chance set inside a citadel? because afaik those don’t survive the mirror process

Just fit an interceptor for speed and you’ll be there reasonably fast, but again, if the stuff you wanted to do in delve involved assets in a citadel you might be out of luck, what is it you specifically need to get back to delve to test?

Yeah, in a citadel so guess i’m SOL. Thanks for the input, I appreciate it.

there was two wormhole to delve from aridia, the last 4 aridia systems en route to delve region but by this time they may have been gone.
i think tisot and sakht.not sure about defsunun

you can just buy leopard for 100 isk and get in there faster than with interceptor

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