Maybe improve /moveme?

why players cant have customized moveme command i.e /moveme thera /moveme poitot /moveme fd-mlj /moveme tvn-fm /moveme j222222 etc. ?

its hard to test some thing in wormholes,especially in c13 systems because moveme allow you to move any ship you want,i have done some moveme wormholes with Leviathan :smiley:

give us more reality and let us spawn wormhole to any exsisting j-code on our demand? the spawned wormhole by player would have 10minutes max lifetime so player can bring his ship in and make stuff realistic because running c13 with titan and small rapid light missile launchers was hilarous.

why we would like to have the moveme command small buff? we would nolonger need type /moveme to open popup, it would still do unless we type /moveme with system e.g /movemej151516

if moveme command improvement cant be done maybe change wormhole systems once per week ?

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