Newly scanned wormholes on Sisi immediately close, can't jump through

Yesterday I used /moveme to get into a wormhole to conduct tests, however none of the systems we can move to is usable for my tests. So I scanned myself into the kind of system I need. Worked yesterday without issues.

Today of course that chain is gone and to get new items from hisec I tried to scan a new exit. I could scan the first (from a C5 to a C2), but when I scan the HS hole in the C2, I can’t jump through. That’s normal while the system in the other side is loading… but after a while, when the WH usually becomes usable, instead it just collapses.

I scanned four newly spawned static wormholes in a row but they all collapse, can’t jump through. J110043.

I scanned the C3 static in the C2 instead and it worked, can jump into the C3. But there at the LS exit the same problem occurs. So it’s not related to that specific C2. Apparently it is not possible to open any connection from w-space into k-space.

it says wormhole is stabilising then collapsing even when its new wh

goto sankkasen there is working wormhole

Issue has been resolved after today’s server reboot.

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