No cosmic sig in WH wxcept others WH connections?

hi, return ing player here, i spent a few hours yesterday in WH and all i found in there , was a lot of WH connections but no relic or data sites , is that normal ?

I mean , you have WH with 13 or 14 cosmic sig, and after spending a decent amount of time scanning them, you discover that you have 12 or 13 wh and nothing else in there .

I run through 5 or 6 wh and it was all the same .

I remember well, when you had a 2 or 3 WH connections as cosmic sig AND a few others sig in WH like relic ,data, or gaz site

IS it just bad luck or CCP just nerfed again things ?

I ain’t 100% sure, but data and relic sites are popular. Definitely with the new needlejack filaments

Maybe a shattered WH, they tend to have more WH connections than normal.

I (or rather my alt) scans down our class 3 J-space system every day. There are definitely more wormholes than there used to be, but there are also plenty of relic, data and gas sites. It varies greatly day-by-day too - one day it’s almost all wormholes, on another there’s just one wormhole and plenty of sig sites.

It’s also possible that you found no relic or data sites because someone else had already run them, of course…

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i fully agree with Dravick
i saw some relic/data sites yesterday in two wormholes
so you probably scaned a wh where relic/data had been cleard by someone else

CCP significantly increased the number of WH connections about a month ago. This means you are likely to find more WH signatures in a particular system than in the past.

There was no announced change to data/relic/gas sites spawn rates, but because there are more connections there’s more chance another explorer got to the system before you.

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Hey @fdewchyhj, like you I have encountered dramatically fewer relic and data sites in WHs since the exploration changes. Not sure if this is due to a stealth nerf or increased WH activity, perhaps both. Whatever the cause, the difference is so dramatic I’ve stopped exploring WHs for data/relic sites - have been sticking to K-space since soon after the changes.

Pretty sure it was Drifter WH. Those only spawn WH sigs.

I’ve noticed that there seem to be less pirate sigs and more sleeper sigs - the overall number of sites is much the same, but there are more that you have to fight to hack.

As I write this, I am in a C2 with 4 WH, 5 pirate relic 2 pirate data…but in general, there seem to be less relic sites in WHs

Since the last J-Space update, I can confirm, that the number of random conections increases drastically.
Mean while when you scan down a hole it looks like this
The amound of J-Space activitys(excluding exploreres) are nearly zero.

Which is not surpricing, if I have to roll halve a dozen of holes befor I can do my PI or some PvE-Action in my tiny C3 hole

My alt lives in a C3, I’ve only ever seen that many wormholes once since the (totally misnamed) ‘Wormhole Love’ update was applied. More usually I see 2 or 3 wormholes and, on several occasions, just the one (our static). If it’s just a couple, I sit my other character’s alts on them, set up to give an audible warning if anything comes through.


The Change increased high-class wormholes connections significantly. ( Class 4, 5, 6 i mean )
Based on my past experience since the patch, high class wormholes got connected more frequently. You rarely found same ID’d wormhole ( ex, H296 ) in the same system, but now you can find double or triple H296 in your system in the considerable frequency.
Aside high class holes, Not much changes have found in the low class connections. However low class wormholes became more danger than it used to be since C4 connections considerably increased as well.
C4 bypass high classes and low classes - high class entities now can reach to low class easily than ever.

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