Automatically resolve the Cosmic Signature when I am sitting next to the Wormhole I just exited from

Automatically resolve the Cosmic Signature when I am sitting next to the Wormhole I just exited from.

I am 0km from the wormhole yet the scan results still show it as unknown and not warpable. It could resolve the location since I know where it is on exiting it.

It makes no sense to keep it hidden from the scan results since I know where and what it is. Why on Earth should I have to scan down a WH cosmic or whatever when I am staring right at it.


Something tells me this would be more effort than it’s worth.

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Well it makes sense to do, as it stands now it’s just daft mechanics imo.

Not if it takes a team several months it doesn’t

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I don’t think it will take “several months” lol. It knows where it and I am and we’re on the same grid.

Just checking if your on grid with a sig wouldn’t work. You appear on grid even if you warp through it.

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They can check if we’re at warp or not, if we’re at warp then don’t resolve it. If we’re on the same grid and not at warp, resolve it.

It was like that for years, if I’m not fully mistaken here. It was removed with the last big probing overhaul a few years back …

  1. Look at Cosmic Signature name
  2. Open probe scanner window
  3. Find Cosmic Signature name
  4. Ignore


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What if I don’t want to ignore it.

Then drop your probes at 0.5 around your ship (they made a button to do just that last week!) and press scan.

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Effort for the sake of effort when it makes absolutely no sense.

Well you don’t have to do it, you could just as well bookmark it and ignore that it isn’t resolved in your scanning window with the simple press of a button.

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Either way, I’m strongly against automation of tasks like these that allow for player error.

Next you want the game to automatically bookmark your wormhole entrance and exit so nobody can get lost again in wormhole space.


It’s not automation, it’s common sense. Nothing automatic when I’m staring at the WH as I just exited into the grid.

There is nothing buff about this. We know its there, we can BM it, we’re sitting on top of it. It’s not super secret.

Now you’re just hyperbole drama making up rubbish to detract from the real issue.

I am not asking for automatic bookmarking and you know it.

You’re asking for automatically resolving and making the signature warpable in case people forget to bookmark the wormhole. Pretty much the same thing, no?

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I am asking for it to show on the UI what we already know, WHERE IT IS, I’m SITTING 0km on it on the same grid.


And it’s up to players to press the button at the right time.

And if they forget to do so, they might die. And that’s good. This game shouldn’t hold your hand at every step.

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The easy solution is bookmark it, ctrl + b as soon as you go though.

You might be next to it, but you have nothing active that is able to resolve that cosmic signature to that wormhole. Drop probes, centre on ship, scan.

It makes sense from a lore perspective to have the signature auto resolve. From a game play perspective, the current behavior is a bit janky, but it’s not that difficult to just bookmark the wormhole.

It really shouldn’t take that long. It would likely take a dev longer to decide if it’s worth their time, than to actually make the fix.

IF sig is onGrid, set sig to 100%. The game should have ways to grab each of those settings currently.