Same cosmic signature (bookmarked) connects to different system on next day

Hello everyone…

For the third time in 2 weeks:
I had a scanned and bookmarked signature of a C3 Wormhole… all things scanned inside, etc…
Went to sleep, returned (actually after DT) and when re-entering system where said signature was, I see it on the probe panel. I right-click in space, warp to my BM (directly on the wh itself and not on signature, so i land at 0) and splashed the wh…
Its a different system… a different C3… another J-sigg…

How can this be?.. if a new signature would spawn with same #ID i would still have to scan it cause it would be in a different place in system… if even miraculously the signature spot is the same, my bookmark is not on signature, its on the wh itself, and I have this wormhole Bookmarked… :thinking:

Does anyone ‘relate’ to this issue? what sort of bug is this? Did it happened to any of you?

Its the third time it happens to me, first time i doubted myself, second time i thought something should be wrong, but now i’m positive…

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That happens every now and then and is normal behavior.

Oh is it?? :crazy_face:

I’m surprised i never noticed it before… and surprised of the game working like this as well…

Tnx for your input, man…
Its a crazy idea, knowing that ‘what I bookmark today may not have the same destination tomorrow’ :frowning:

I did noticed the J-systems were different but both belong to same ‘region’ (in this case)… dunno if its even related but i find it good to share…

thank you, once again! o7

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Way back i scanned down a hole in nul, that lead to nul… Jumped thru and came out in the same system but a different spot


hahaa… i once (after a long wait) decided to roll alone the “never ending” static, that was leading to a completely dead wh… new static that spawned, was to the same system :smiley:


Bob acts in mysterious ways.

this is normal and has happened since I started playing in 2006
at least once every 1-2 weeks I will find a STATIC that should be dead the next day but it is there in the same spot with no End Of Life open to a different system.

you will see more of these the more you scan. its probably part of the system design and not a glitch

if it is a glitch since CCP wont say, think of it when NEO sees the Black Cat in Dejavuu
may not have spealt that correctly

This issue happens when a wormhole has it’s end of life close to downtime. If it despawns during downtime, it behaves like it has collapsed and a new static opens, using the same signature name and position, but leading to a new system.

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