Same signature changed destination

Hi all

So I got up this morning and opened up my Eve. My corp member said their was something weird going on so I got up in Discord and he explained.

There is a signature in our worhole system which leads to a C1. It’s an existing hole which exists for about 2 days. But here is where the weird stuff comes in. Yesterday and the day before the hole lead to a C1. But today the same signature and the same wormhole leads to a different C1.

So basically you have a wormhole with destination A, and after 2 days you have the same worhole but with destination B.
What is going on here?


Velior Lameria
Fly Reckless

That happens sometimes. A couple of years ago I had this with a direct high sec > high sec wormhole. Back then I thought I had found a jackpot for an awesome short cut through space but after the second wormhole, the signature disappeared and never came back.

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it happens when the static respawns very close or during dt

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What’s really cool is when a WH goes to the same system you are already in.

HA! And as I am new to all this explorer stuff, I can see myself going around and around in circles without knowing it.
I wonder how many trips it would take for me to think “Hmmm, this all seems strangely familiar”… 12 :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha there is this thing named Siggy, it’s a website that makes connections between holes you explored. Check it out it can help you :slight_smile:

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