How are "Named Components" created?

I see neither reactions nor blueprints nor Planetary Interaction.

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Could you give an example?

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In the Market tree, Manufacture & Research -> Materials -> Named Components ->
many individual items.

The items all have names of the form X Y
where X is one of Ample, Compact, Enduring, Precise, Restrained or Scoped
and Y is one of Compounds, Conductors or Electronics.

Example: Compact Compounds

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No idea sorry! :relaxed:

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named “meta” modules are only dropped from loot. So I assume this is the same way. It probably comes from relic/data sites with exploration ships.

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They drop from NPC Dreadnoughts and Titans, which can spawn in Haven and Sanctum anomalies. And they are being used to build T1 Meta 1-4 Capital modules.


Named components are currently only used for capital meta modules. I believe they drop as loot from NPC capital ships.

When CCP completes the module tiercide (hopefully soon) all meta modules will be player built and I expect named components will be the main loot drops from missions & combat anomalies.