Where are all the drone components found?

What / where are the major sources of all of the drone components required to build all of the Augmented and Integrated drones for the Event BPCs? (e.g. Drone Capillary Fluid, Drone Cerebral Fragment, Drone Coronary Unit, etc.)

Any particular security space (low / null / WH) or region?

Usually you could get some from the same BS that dropped the BPC for them, just less frequently.
Best bet is the market, now anyways.

Are all of these parts on the market coming exclusively from the event BS wreck salvage though?

I was under impression, that they fall as loot in drone region null space or in drone combat signatures wrecks.

You can find the materials from Sentient (elite) rogue drones which has a chance to spawn in drone anomalies, the event BS and normal rogue drone BS

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Thank you so much - this is exactly the information I was curious about.

Dronelands area from the faction rat type called sentient from drone capital spawns and drone data sites

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