Where to find more drone loot?

Hello friends. I am sitting on a decent amount of augmented and integrated drone blueprints and I’d like to make them myself because I think it’d be a fun way to add some variety to my current gameplay mix. I’m looking for the best way to get drone building materials outside of actually going to drone space.

I was thinking I could do it through looting lvl 4s or anomalies but I’m not sure which would be better. Last night I did a few lvl 4s but none of them contained a large amount of medium and large drone wrecks. Do any of you have a suggestion for best full-clear drone mission or anomaly?


do drone anoms and salvage them ?

Hi Anderson. My intention here is to find more specific information. Anomaly names or mission names. I typically avoid drones so I don’t know much about them.

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Then do them and you will have your information.

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Thank you, I certainly will. I’m definitely capable of figuring it out on my own, however I enjoy talking about the game and getting ideas from fellow players in a text based asynchronous format which is why I made this thread here. Feel free to engage in the discussion as long as you’re respectful to the other participants.


This page contains a list of all of the different flavors of combat anomalies and DED sites:


Check out the categories for the drone sites and that will tell you what to look for. The anomalies all have “Drone” in the name, but the DED sites don’t (scroll down the page).

The stuff you’re looking for is not in the salvage, but rather in the commander drops in these missions/escallations. Also note that there are a couple of L4 missions (Silence the Informant and a couple others) that will drop the Elite Drone AIs as well, but those are the only component that you can get through normal missions.



Most of that stuff drops from sentient drones in (scannable) drone combat signatures. You’ll find the most of those in drone null sec, but those sites show up in all regions.


Trevor is right: Independence, Hierarchy, Radiance etc

unrated drone combat signature may also escalate to expeditions that can provide some stuff

Drone Synaptic Relay Wiring, Drone Capillary Fluid
mare :
Drone Synaptic Relay Wiring
hunting the drudge :
Drone Cerebral Fragment , Drone Synaptic Relay Wiring, Rogue Drone 46-X Nexus Chip, Drone Capillary Fluid

from just 4 expeditions.

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Thank you. I didn’t know this. :blush: I would have been grinding lvl 4 drone missions to no avail.

Thank you Anderson, this is exactly the kind of thing I’m looking for.


and this is exactly why I told you to do combat anoms.

I was wrong and thinking of combat signatures, my b.

Just don’t do the ded ones because they are bugged and have zero loot.

If you did try the different activities in eve, you would have enough data to know what drops from where.
Nothing beats having data first hand. eg I have average drops of those sites, because I did them. And I know how to do them ^^

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