I can't find any information on the "Secret Drone Hive"

(Demonike Droth) #1

Hello, I’m kind of new, but have done a fair bit of HS PvE and Exploration.

While scanning down signatures i found a Site called Secret Drone Hive, and have realised that it hasn’t been documented on at all! I can’t find information on it anywhere! Tried googling, tried Uni wiki, Youtube… Everything refers to the Outgrowth Rogue Drone Hive, which does not seem to be the same thing. Does anyone know what it is?

All i know by warping to it is it’s a Combat Site (Had 4 Drone Patrol cruisers), and for some reason there’s a “Damaged Drone Mind” and when i click show info on it apparently it’s owned by ORE.

(Chan'aar) #2

That sounds like one of the Gallente COSMOS mission sites. You are in the Algintal Constellation somewhere?

It used to use a Jovian avatar.

DMC will be along sometime to provide more infomation. But you can try this for starters http://wiki.eve-inspiracy.com/index.php?title=Damaged_Drone_Mind

(Demonike Droth) #3

Ahhhh, Ok. Thanks for letting me know.

(Ethan Deawon) #4

I know that its not the same topic but i need help in explration mission.

Im a new player. It’s the second time that I launch a career - exploration and i ve the same probleme. I explain. The second mission is about cosmic signature and the player must search the different signature, gas, relic, data and anomalies but i have a probleme with gas. My agent must send a gas passkey into my item hangar but it’s the second time that its impossible to find it. I don’t know where it is !! I precise I search this pass everywhere.

Sorry for my english

(DeMichael Crimson) #5

Guess @Chan_aar should have used @DeMichael_Crimson so I’d get a notification about this thread.
And yes, it’s a Cosmos mission.

The Damaged Drone Mind, @Demonike_Droth gives a 2 part mission series. The first mission is to recover a specific item drop from NPC in the Asteroid Belts, very easy mission to complete.

The 2nd mission is to destroy the Drone Queen and collect another specific item drop. The Secret Drone Hive site will spawn when someone accepts the 2nd mission from the Damaged Drone Mind. It appears on everyone’s scanner in multiple systems within the constellation and won’t despawn until the mission owner completes or fails the mission.

The 2nd mission is rather tough to run and needs a good fit Battleship or a couple of Battlecruisers to complete it. The mission items themselves are usually available in public contracts or in the market.

Wish I could give more info about it. I did Cosmos years ago, however CCP hasn’t changed much on them so whatever walk thru guide’s are available should still be close to accurate.


(DeMichael Crimson) #6

Hello @Ethan_Deawon and welcome to Eve.

When I did the Exploration Career Agent it was like this:


The second mission should basically be a guided tour of the various sites without any scanning. The mission has you warp in and get probe launcher, probes, Relic and Data Analyzers from a container, then activate a series of acceleration gates to various pockets showing what each sites looks like…

The 3rd, 4th and 5th missions from the agent require actual scanning with each site needing those pass keys for access. The pass keys are deposited into your Items Hangar when the missions are accepted…

If needed, you can always visit another set of Career Agents located in another system:


If all else fails, you can always submit a Support Ticket - Select type = Game play support - Category = Game play = Agent missions in progress.

Provide a small brief message about the issue and politely ask for the mission to be re-set. CCP usually answers those type of tickets rather quickly.

Hope this helps, may you have good luck and much success.