Attack Of The Drones Weird Bug

few months ago i begin salvaging this worthless mission (for statistical purpose).
To salvage i simply drop a Mobile Tractor Unit like most people.

After about 30 AttackOfTheDrones salvaging i notice a can drop from time to time when scooping the MTU
This is weird cuz drones don’t usually drop loot and the visual of the wrecks always were empty ones…
The Loot was pretty random BS stuff and not very valuable so i didn’t think much about it but yesterday i got a drop loot of 55m value!
I has the Zor’s Custom Nav. Hyper-Link + all the usual loot from “Right hand of Zazz” ?!!! :smiley:

Anyone can confirm…?
Or else can confirm that sometimes ‘empty’ drone wrecks contain loots?


I can confirm Drones drop loot but I haven’t seen a bunch of random stuff like that! Just drone chips

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