Rogue Drones, What is the point?

I do level 4 missions mainly, was in high sec now in NPC Null, I get lots of Rogue Drone missions.

  • the bounties are crap
  • there is no loot only salvage

What is the point of these missions, I feel sorry for anyone living in areas where drones form the signatures and anoms

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No impact on pirate faction standings from ratting.

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still seems lame

Well, they used to give goo instead of bounties that you could reprocess into minerals. That made this area very unique and highly sought after. Naturally, this was a thorn in the side CCP’s agenda to cull gun mining (rightfully so or not is debatable) and they gave the RD bounties instead that are worse than that of pirates faction ships.

On the bright side, the RD a easy to kill and cannot really harm your ship in most cases because many of their ships have an engagement range that is worse than that of a ion blaster. :joy:

Some missions drop the Elite Drone AI items (they go into gecko bpc’s).

only one drone specific mission drops one elite drone AI.
“Silence the informant” drops 3 but it’s a mixed drone/mercenaries mission.

Drones missions are easy, they are just a bunch of hull to chew on. Not really a threat, slow, very few ewar. They are good at upping standing.


I love them personally, depending on where you are some of them have huge bounties, but they also ocasionaly drop insane loot.
The other thing is that by salvaging them you can make new and better drones if you are into industry at all.
Also they help a lot with Concord standing if you happen to care about that.

That’s correct in HS, where the agent rewards are low, but in NPC null you should not care about the salvage and loot, as it is the same as in HS but you are less efficient at killing stuff.

I go after them for everything, sometimes I get one drone, the sentient one, who drops something very expensive, or just useful. The bounties in low and nullsec are pretty good and in some places great, and I can make fancy new drones out of what I salvage.
The sites in the drone lands drop all sorts of blueprints, some ok some really great, and they are fun to do.
Also they look neat, but that’s just something I happen to like for my own reasons.

Please read OP.

Gotcha, the part about this being missions rather than drones in general?
I did sort of miss that, or… Totally missed that somehow, I’m still waking up and the coffee apparently hasn’t kicked in.

Don’t drink coffee, take tea my dear
And get a toast done on the side.

Gecko’s can be built? Here I have been hoarding the gift Geckos I got years ago.

I like both, but I’ve haven’t found a tea with a comparable kick to coffee.

In the last event they are handled as BPCs. It’s better cause it takes less room ; it’s worse cause it makes them more expensive.

it’s the start of

Ah man. I haven’t listened to Sting in far too long. NIce reference :slight_smile:

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Yes, they can be built, from bpc’s. I have a few of those, dropped as rare loot during one of the events (hacking sites iirc)


So they are still somewhat “limited” IE you can’t just grab a BP off the market and make them?

There might be some available via contracts

Right but not what I was getting at. I was originally wondering if they had changed them from a limited “event” item, whether the full drone or BP, or if they had changed them to be something with essentially unlimited supply.

BPO are not seeded, and no LP offer proposes BPC as of yet.