Building Missiles

I’ve gotten some missile blueprints and when I install the blueprint and have the right materials I cant seem to start the manufacturing job still. I’ve tried this at about 4 different stations near me and am lost on how to figure this out. Thanks for the help in advance.

What type of missile blueprint is it? And do you need any additional skills to run the job? (Bottom left I think…)

It’s a scourge missile and it just says I can’t run it at the facility I’m at even though it’s an industrial station

Take a screenshot of your Industry Window as you get the error.

Post it here, and we’ll find out what’s going wrong.

The blueprint and all the minerals needed for it must all be in the same station. If the blueprint or any of the minerals are stored inside some kind of container, you need to specify on the manufacturing interface where they are stored (they must all still be on the same station). That may be blatantly obvious, but it is a mistake some newer players make. If you have a problem, you can always try moving the blueprint and the required minerals to your basic “item hanger”.

Are you trying to use player owned stations or NPC stations? Any player can use an NPC station to make most things, as long as their standing with the NPC corp which owns the station is not really bad. Not all player owned stations support manufacturing. A special module needs to be fitted to a player owned station to allow manufacturing on that station, and it is up to the station owner to decide if they will fit a manufacturing module to their station. Without knowing which stations you have tried to build the missiles at, it’s impossible to know if you’ve picked a string of stations that don’t have a manufacturing module fitted, or if the station owner has put some kind of restriction on who can use the manufacturing module on their station.

As for skills needed to build missiles, unless you’re trying to build tech 2 missiles of some sort, you only need the basic “industry 1” skill to make tech 1 missiles. If you have completed the Industry missions at an NPC Career Agent you should have already learned this skill.

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