Some industry jobs won't start

Hi, I’ve got Industry working fine and I’ve got some blueprints for making ammo. Everything was going well, until I bought some blueprints recently which will not start, even though I’ve got a raw materials ready and other ammo blueprints work perfectly. I put one of these new ones in and, although the minerals are in the proper locker (with the blueprint) just like the others that work…the materials hoppers don’t fill up like the others.

They are all originals. The only difference I can see are that these have a little “1” on the right lower corner of the blueprint. It’s not the number of blueprints, those numbers are not ON the blueprint but off to the side - this number 1 is on top of the blueprint. In any case, it won’t start so please…HELP!


Many thanks,

A screenshot of your industry window while one of these BPOs is active in Manufacture mode, with the relevant inventory hangar shown, and with mouse hovering over ‘Start’ to display any error messages, would be very helpful. You can mask the location by editing the screenshot to preserve op sec.

Also, if these are 0/0 BPOs, you might want to put a little time into ME upgrades first to reduce your mineral costs. The ISK cost of research will be offset by the mineral savings off over time.

I appreciate the feedback - I figured out my problem - I didn’t realize I had to set “input material location” for each blueprint

and thanks for the advice,

On the up side, once you set input/output for a specific BPO, it is remembered! Unless you move the BPO somewhere else.

Glad you got sorted out. :slight_smile:

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