Reactions not showing up in the industry window

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Put in 10 characters worth of reaction jobs , went afk for 2 minutes. Came back , logged in the next set of alts , and no reaction Blueprints show up in the corp industry window.

I’ve cleared my cache , verified the shared cache , and after that I nuked my shared cache folder and re-downloaded everything.

Still broken.

Has this happened to anyone else ? Is there a work around ?

I have a ticket and a bug report in but I’m not going to hold my breath.

Any help appreciated.

  • Edit since I figured out what was going on. If you log out with your refinery selected it will not load your reaction blueprints. You need to log out with another citadel selected as a job location , then log back in and select your refinery. After you do that your reaction blueprints will show up.

It also seems that even though ( in my case a sotiyo ) your selected location won’t pull your blueprints when opening the industry window after you select your refinery and put in jobs , you can use the location window to select " all locations " and Blueprints and blueprints copies ( Not reactions ) will show back up .

  • And how I was able to put in the first 10 characters worth of jobs yesterday before I knew there was a bug. The night before I had started batttlecruiser jobs on those characters and had the sotiyo selected when I logged them off.


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  • Meant to edit instead of replying. I am bad at the forums.

(ISD Sakimura) #3

All your characters need the correct Corp Roles before they will be able to see active (corp) jobs.

(Virginia McElhone) #4

I can promise you they all have the correct roles. It’s a corp full of my alts and they are all directors so I didn’t have to create titles . CCP broke something else in the indy window in the last 3 days ( since my last reaction cycle ).

(ISD Sakimura) #5

Perhaps write a bug report, if you haven’t already?

It’s not something that I’ve experienced, not that I’ve done much Reactions anyway :blush:

(Virginia McElhone) #6

Bug Report EBR-161339

Ticket 792100


(Krysenth) #7

Did you actually have more reaction formulas? Or did you queue all of them up with those 10 characters?

(Virginia McElhone) #8

There are 600 reaction formulas in that hangar. 300 intermediate , and 300 complex. 30 Character 6 day cycle.

Until they fix it , you just have to select " All facilities " before you log out and everything shows up the next time you log in.

If you log out with a specific facility selected they blueprints/ formulas won’t show up for whichever location you had selected. ( Working as intended ? :frowning: )

The putting 10 characters worth of jobs in was because I had done builds the night before using another location. It didn’t actually break in the middle of me putting the jobs in , and must have been one of the patches in 3 days since the last part of my job cycle.

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