Reaction skills dont work?

I have reactions to 3 and mass reactions to 3 and i still cannot start more than one job in a refinery. Is there something i dont get ?

Hmm, works fine for me. What is the reason displayed (the tooltip on the start button)?

If you just recently completed training, I would try the usual steps, clear cache, relog, …

the tooltip lists mass reactions 3 but max jobs 1.

finished training 2 days ago.

had another problem with a char not being able to inject a crimson accelerator and was only solved by ccp with a petition after a few days. quite sloppy implemented, this expansion.

edit : clearing cache did not work either.

Strange, never had any problems with skills, and I run 9 reaction jobs fine for a couple of days, soon I get the 10th … one idea, did you actually press the start button? Sometimes the industry window gets stuck in a previous “state” not recognizing rigs etc. Then pressing the start button for a new job usually refreshes the numbers.

tried that, thank you. It says “your industry job could not be submitted”. i petitioned it. hopefully it will be solved soon.

Are you in the correct type of citadel for reactions?

Yes there was one job submitted already. could not do more even though mass reactions was level 3.

CCP fixed it after petition.

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