Cannot submit industry jobs

Two days ago I could submit industry jobs from a system 17 jumps away, as I have a job range of 20 jumps. Today no matter which bpo I pick I cannot submit any jobs, even from within the station itself, with eve just saying “Your industry job could not be submitted” and a popup over the start button saying “Job duration has changed”.

Again, this even occurs from within the station the BPO’s are at, a station that I have previously submitted jobs at, and currently have jobs at. I have a 20jumps range and first noted the issue when I attempted to submit jobs 17 jumps out from a system I have previously remotely submitted jobs from, however I am currently sitting in the station the jobs run at and still the issue occurs. I have 6/10 slots in use so have slots available for the job. I have plenty of isk for the jobs so that is not an issue either.

The station I am attempting to use is <url=showinfo:1928//60006349 alt=‘Current Station’>Bahromab IX - Moon 5 - Carthum Conglomerate Factory … please help

It appears that the issue has now corrected itself. Thankyou to whomever fixed it :slight_smile:

Clearing cache, relog, downtime usually fix those things.

Did you select the right location for materials and blue prints? I got frustrated about this until I realized the locations were set incorrectly.

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