Question about Canceling Industry Job

So I was in Null and had so BPO Researching in a station but when i left i forgot to remove them now they show as done and waiting for them to be deliver, I cant deliver them since to far away and cant get in station. Is there a way to delete them and lose them ?

I thought there might be a skill that increases the range of being able to deliver Industry jobs, but I can’t see one at all; only for starting Industry jobs remotely.

Perhaps talk to the station owners to allow you back in?

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The scientific networking skill will extend your control range up to 25 jumps for submitting or delivering research/invention/copy jobs - 5 jumps per level. Jumps are calculated shortest path and don’t care about region boundaries.

Once you’ve delivered the jobs you should be able to put the blueprints in asset safety and move them to an NPC station in lowsec.


As @Do_Little said, scientific networking can help.

Other option, just cloaky fly into system and deliver it.
Then use asset safety to move the stuff out.


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