About skill “Scientific Networking”

If I tran this skill to level 1
does it means that I can use a 4 jumps away facility
even this facility in a different region? Or must in the same region?
thx a lot~

Any region, as long as it is within jump limit.

I thought this was mistaken, but confirmed it’s correct for both research and manufacturing

thank you

I thought the regional border applied to industry jobs like the market does. Maybe it used to apply long ago? But to confirm, I left my blueprint in Kusomonmon, The Citadel and started both a research and manufacturing job from Urlen, The Forge

thx a lot to confirm~07~

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I have been doing industry for a long time and never had issues with a regional border when it comes to industrial jobs.

Looks like the region lock for research jobs was removed in 2014