Skill Range

I wanted to ask kindly if anyone knows how the skill range of industry and science is calculated!

I have max skills for remote reactions but it seems that this skill doesn#t allow for what is advertised!

I am in a system 13 Jumps away from my desired station and the station is not suggested in den industry facilities tab.
Is there an internalbarrier for reagions?

br Tian

I would be very surprised if someone could give you a satisfactory answer to the question. It is supposedly gate jumps without jump gate shortcuts.

I recently had the same issues. According to the industry window, I was 14 jumps away from my facility and can use it up to 15 jumps away. I turned off Jump Bridge usage and was still 14 jumps away. Safe/Shorter didn’t matter because it was null-null. With JBs turned off for the route calculation, I thought that the indu window distance would change but it did not. I had to use Dotlan to figure out that I am actually 25 jumps away from the facility. It is quite frustrating that the UI tells you in one place that you can use a facility but in another step it goes “Computer Says No”. It’s not a Photon issue, but this kind of behavior probably also counts as “easier to use, reduced cognitive overload and more streamlined UI”.

Check your distance on Dotlan, that will tell you the actual distance between your locations.


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