Remove old industry jobs?

Recently I joined a new corp and before I left the wormhole I was living in i forgot to deliver some invention jobs in one of the structures. Now it is going to be very hard to find a way back to that system to deliver the job so I can free up the slots is there any way to do this without being in the wormhole? Any other advice on how I would free up these slots?

OK, I was incorrect just now. I said train the skill that allows to remote deliver, from what i saw, you can deliver from anywhere, but the skill i was thinking, was to remote start a job.

even outside of the WH, you should be able to deliver the job.

I get the default error when I try.

You are too far from the facility to modify this job. Your current skills in Supply Chain Management for manufacturing or Scientific Networking for research allow remotely managing up to 0 jumps away.

ok, so that skill goes both ways… train it up, thats the only other option you have, as far as i know… im still a newb for industry, but i do have that skill up to IV i believe.

I just injected a level and it gives me an extra 5 jumps but with a wormhole unless you are in the system you are thousands of jumps away the skill maxes out at 25 jumps.

All industry orders can only be matched in the same system with a WH. Since the skills for the range are not pure

Sorry for the english is with google translator

You will have to get back into the wormhole. Either contact your previous corporation or hire the services of a wormole locator, like Wingspan deliveries.
It comes at a cost, but at least you’ll be able to deliver theses jobs.

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