Missed Feature?: Stopping industry / research / reaction jobs in w-space without access to system

Hi everyone,

I don’t believe this has been posted before.
Currently to do an industry / research / reaction job, you have to be within x jumps of the job’s system.

For starting jobs I understand this, however for stopping jobs this jump limit is frustrating.

Example to explain the problem:
I have a number of industry jobs in w-space, which have been halted indefinetly due to a structure running out of fuel.
In the mean time, I have also lost access to the wormhole system.
As a result, there is are now industry jobs which will never end, and I cannot stop/deliver manually.
These jobs DO however still take up industry job slots.
Thus (semi)Permanently reducing my usable industry job slots.

(This was just an example, irl I do still have limited access to this w-space system.)

Love to know what you guys think, or if you encountered a similar issue.


Halted jobs in unaccessable W-space can indefinetly lock up industry job slots.
Feature request: Stop (but not deliver) any job from any system in the game.

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I mean, all you have to do is find the system, which is possible, though time consuming. You can then stop the jobs once you get in.

Wormholes arent connected with jump gates, hence no local and no jumping in and out of the system. This means no remote control of anything in a wormhole.
You decided to do this, its your own fault you lost the wormhole.

You should talk to http://www.eve-scout.com/ about finding your hole again, provided you actually know the name of it. These guys are very effecient!

Im not trying to be a dick, but the whole point of wormhole space is that you are cut off and are forced to think abit more about what you do, because you cannot do most of the stuff you can do in known space, like assets safety and regional market/contract/industrial things, for example.


Actually i ment these guys: http://www.torpedodelivery.com/wormhole-location
Im not sure Eve-Scout actually tracks down wormholes for people, but wingspan does!

One of the main rules of living in W-Space is, always have someone (corp mate or an alt) in the WH to scan down exits should you find yourself podded or otherwise unable to find your way back. Since you do not have that you should brace yourself for the possibility of it taking your a long time to scan it down, or spend some of your hard earned ISKs to pay someone to find it for you.

Thanks for the replies everyone!

Yeah I know everything in w-space is supposed to have extra risk.

In the mean time I have gotten an old corp buddy to scan me back in, Hooray for Alphas! ;p

I suppose i just figured from an imersion/gameplay aspect I found it odd that you cannot abandon jobs.

Yeah, it’s a little unacceptable to not have several throwaway scout alts in a home wormhole in the age of alphas.

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