Losing access to a citadel you started a job in

If I had a BPO research in a citadel, then have been denied access later to that citadel, will I be able to complete the job once it has completed, or will the job stop once my access is denied?

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I’ve never tried it but my expectation is that you can remotely deliver the job (assuming you have the requisite skills) and send the product & BPO to asset safety.


  • If it was a corporation job, you need to wait for the corporation to deliver your job. If they don’t, you can ticket CCP to cancel your job, thus giving you back the research slot.
  • if it was personal job, you can deliver it once the job is completed. The job will be paused as long as the research module is unfuelled or deactivated (manually or reinforced past armor). In that case the best bet is to ask a ceo of the corporation that own the structure what happens. If you pay for office / lab then you deserve some explanations.

Had a similar thing years ago. Had, and still have, a job in null that I no longer have access to without flying in neutral. We all know how that would end. And so I have like 100,000 missiles just sitting there.


flying in with a travelceptor and without your high-grade anything clone to get it delivered and then voluntarily invoking asset safety on your stuff sounds not too terrible.
Maybe the products are not worth the trouble but getting back the slot might be…


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