How do the citadel "job paused" and "cancelled" mechanics work?

I received an EVE mail stating that a copy job was paused because a module went offline, and then in my industry log, I see the job was cancelled and the BPOs are returned to my inventory.

I’m just trying to figure out, how this works exactly- Was the job “Paused” for a certain amount of time (and BPOs NOT released) before it is then became “Cancelled”? This was a hisec public citadel which I just undocked from, so It was not destroyed…

Also, not sure if this matters, but my clone reverted to Alpha at some point after the job was started, but my understanding is that doesn’t affect jobs in progress.

You cannot research a bpo that takes omega skills to research if you’re alpha. That’s probably why it paused.

As Sepheir Sepheron mentioned; when you lapse back to alpha all active jobs will be paused, if they require skills that are not on the Alpha Skill list. Using Upwell Structures are at your own “risk”, the services they offer could shutdown at any moment, I’m not absolutely certain, but I think that if the structure runs out of fuel (enter low-power mode) your research will probably be paused until it is refueled. Or it could also be that it will simply hault (cancel) the research all together and return it to your hangar.

Some research jobs take a long time - ME10 for a capital ship is 9 months +/- depending on skills and facility bonuses. It would not be a good business decision if CCP let you submit a bunch of long jobs, unsub the account and resub 9 months later to deliver them!

^^This says that jobs started on an Omega clone that lapses to Alpha still will complete though?

" * An active job on an Omega clone that has lapsed will remain active and complete normally. However, creating new jobs may not be possible due to the Alpha Skill limitations on the relevant skills."

Your jobs finish as Alpha - or at least that is my understanding and matches what you linked.

Industry jobs in progress are paused if the Upwell structure runs out of fuel. Industry jobs are cancelled completely if the owner unfits the service module or the structure is decommissioned.

In this case, the most likely explanation is that the owner unfit the research service module for whatever reason, on purpose or by mistake. You could ask them or just blacklist them as someone to do buisiness with and find a new place to do your research.

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That’s exactly what people have been doing for years, especially before alpha accounts existed. Of course, there are more reasons to keep your accounts in omega state than just running industry jobs so I don’t think it was a big problem for CCP. Jobs in progress will continue after your account goes into alpha state, unless something happens to the structure where it was started (such as industry service going offline or gets removed). You just might not be able to finish some of your jobs due to Supply Chain Management skil being omega only, and in the case of invention, it’s a bad idea to do so because of dramatically reduced chance of success.
Similarly, your market orders aren’t cancelled when your account expires, you just can’t update them anymore if you have more than 13 open market orders.

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