Supply Chain Management

(Khanid Voltar) #1

Is the use of the Supply Chain Management skill no longer restricted to the region you are actually in?

The description used to indicate that this was so. But now it just says ‘up to a maximum of 25 jumps.’

So could I be in one region and start manufacturing jobs in another, as long as I am within the SCM skill level range?

(Do Little) #2

Correct. As long as you’re in range you can submit and deliver jobs. All options in the industry tool are available. You can choose input material and output location and which wallet to use for job cost.

(Zeric) #3


Now it is worth training the skill to level 5. Before, having it at 4 would in most cases be enough.

It also made no sense to be able to operate a system 15 jumps away, but not the one next door.