Industry -Invisible Blueprints

This has been an long standing problem, but only seems to be getting worse as of late. It was a few patches ago I stated noticing this but figured it was just the industry window doing industry window things. However, anyone in corp searching for specific blueprints will return the incorrect number of available prints not just me.

Put 200 250mm Railgun II blueprints in a can in corp hangar containing other T2 weapon prints.
Search for 250mm railgun II
Industry window displays 3 available prints (the same 3 no matter who searches - the other dont even exist)

No amount of relogging, refreshing the window, changing cans, nor dropping prints to the hangar floor will fix this. They are simply invisible.

While I know that print counts over 10k will not be displayed by default, searches have always returned the proper results as long as said search was under 10k itself.

So here I am hoping anyone knows how to fix this or am I completely at the mercy of CCP fixing this on their end? I submitted a bug report a while ago, but that could literally never bear fruit. It’s a real pain the in ass having to move all my alts to the production system and build directly from the can so I’m hoping it’s something that can be resolved easily on my end…

EDIT- A picture is worth a thousand words.

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AFAIK blueprints cannot be used out of cans in corporate hangars. Without the right roles, they cant even be used out of the corp hangar either.

They can, and roles are a non-issue here.

I can confirm that the industry window is failing to load after blueprints have been moved from one hanger division to another. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes for the industry window to be willing to search for assets. This makes restarting any science or industry jobs painfully slow.

So after this last patch the game now tries to load the first 25,000 up from the old 10,000. Which is cool, but with is has come a new host of glitches. Such as some citadels not showing up properly or at all when viewing through the indy window. the invisible prints glitch doesn’t seem to have been resolved however.

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