Industry panel really laggy atm?

Hi All

Im finding the industry panel to be very slow in responding when using a BP, is anyone else having issues?

Fly Safe(ish)

I have the same experience. Especially upon opening the window it takes a very long time to load any content and click switching blueprints in a list sometimes ignores the clicks and only loads a newly selected blueprint after many seconds.

Seems to happen to most of the new windows. The Agency suffers the same thing.

I actually find the industry window quite a bit faster since I gave all the blueprints I’m not using to an out of corp character - I think the lag is directly proportional to the number of blueprints you have!

It’s not a lag, it’s a feature.

But the lag is real.

Lol that comment makes you a seasoned eve player :):grin:

Yes… the industry window has been slow on initial loading for 3 weeks at least. Runs fine after loaded. At least on my system it does.

Similar experience

It also very much depends on how much stuff is in your hangar and if you have the inventory open.
I would rather have a black and white tab open that responds immediately.

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