[lags] industry window causes game freeze

anyone else encounter freezes and lags during supercapital/titan parts manufacturing?

Don’t know about capital parts, the industry window lags like hell any time I use it.

i am getting strange readings on loglite,perhaps might make bug report once i get more logs. i cant even build sbcapital ships without waiting few minutes to start jobs.

edit after one of jobs finished another two minutes takes finishing it

looks like serious issue. game frozen for good,how to send bug reports out of game with all loglite content?

Go on https://community.eveonline.com/support/bug-reports/ and create your bug report here.
When you are done, you can upload the log file and screenshots.

I had the same issue with making supers. The client froze up completely and I submitted a bug report about it.

While I was not able to reproduce any freezes related to this, there was for sure a small bug happening, which spammed logs a bit. This should be fixed with the next update on Singularity. Let’s hope that this is also taking care of the freeze.


Since all my slots are filled, I can tell you on March 10th.

Yes, experienced lags starting about a month ago. Attributed it to my expansion of industry jobs and items I was managing at the time. Nothing to report as far as capital construction.

yes now industry window works normally,no lockups no freezes. i was building capital construction parts and capital armor plates,there was 2-5minutes delay now its gone.

thx for clarification ccp

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