Game freezing and lock up Windows

Hey there.

Wanted to come back to the game after a long break (didn’t played since Triglavian update), and when I logged in my character, I noticed that the game was stuttering heavily, even in the tutorial, and ended up completely freezing, making me unable to even Alt+f4 out of it, task manager couldn’t kill process either, if I clicked on the game again, Windows would lock up, forcing me to do a power cycle.

Here’s my specs (which I think are way more than sufficient to run the game)
RTX 2080Ti
Ryzen 7 2700
Game installed on a SSD NVMe, running in 1440p

I tried running the game in full low quality, to no avail, even after clearing cache and verifying files.

Here’s the last line appearing in LogLite unpon the freeze:
Python memory: 434295K, Blue memory: 2010775K, Working set size: 3416676K, Page file usage: 4340176K

Hey @Hiro_Nakazuchi have you tied setting DX1 1 on the launcher settings and seeing if this helps?


I tried, and it just took longer for the game to freeze.

@Hiro_Nakazuchi bummer, sounds like best to Contact Support to troubleshoot at this point, providing them with your LogLite will help speed up the process.

I got some contact with CCP Staff on their discord as this issue kinda raised an eyebrow among some of them, so they told me they will look into it along my ticket.

I am having what seems like it might be a related issue, though with micro-freezes of my whole system. I’m getting the same memory notice message in my logs though. Did you have any resolution from CCP?

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