Industrial tab infinite loading screen

So was playing before DT came back loged in open the industrial tab and all my job and research I cant see because I get infinite loading screen which means I cant add or see currently jobs then I cant undock from station then get black screen then I only closed by doing alt control delte option and one else having this issue because I getting no respond from creating tickets from ccp atm.

I am also currently experiencing the same issue.

In addition, when I click to change windows e.g. Blueprints >> Jobs, I am unable to click any other window or move items until I close the industry window.

Me too. I sent a support ticket.

My other characters are not affected.
Tried on another machine. Same result (I’m affected, other characters are not).
Tried purging cache. Same result.
Reset Router and Reboot Computer. Same result.

Slow (or ‘permablack’ screen) on undock / system changes as well; usually requring to force quit the EVE application in Windows.

Something is borked…and it seems to be account / character related. Not Computer, IP, or ISP related.

same thing for me, i tried deleting cache and uninstalling nothing worked, i was however able to open my industry tab on an alt.

well you know they cant fix the local chat how the hell they going fix easy thing like industry

im watching it affect more people in help chat, it should be addressed today hopefully

Same issue across multiple characters

Resolved after ‘server process you are using went offline’

the issue seem to be fixed

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