Industry ships not appearing

so i made some basic ships using industry (amarr shuttle, arbitrator, magnate) and I delivered the jobs. but i cant find the ships in my ship bay or item hangar

You sure are in the correct station?

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alt T ?

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Are you in the wrong station?

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yup. im in the right station

I dont have an alt

Then I think you should buy a new one, if your alt is missing.

In the industry window you have, on the right hand side, drop down menus for input location and output location.

The industry window should remember your last used info, so if you select the last print you used and select use, the industry window might tell you the location your sending the job once complete.

In the case you may have send a finished job to a station can that’s too small for the item you just put in it, ie you make a battleship and send it to a small can, you will have to repackage the can to get it out.

Just to be clear, they were referring to the Asset window which will list all the items you have and where these items are.

Alt-T is the shortkey combination to open that window, they’re not talking about alternate character 'alt’s.

Did you use the corps’ wallet? or output to a corps hanger with no view access?

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