I finished a blueprint and the ship it was supposed to create disappeared

I recently used a blueprint to create a ship. I bought the pieces and assembled it. The time was an hour and a half. I left the station to do other jobs. After a while, I took a look at my personal assets. The blueprint was gone, along with the materials and the ship. I returned to the station and nothing was there. The industry tab was empty. I’m new, so the materials cost me half my wallet. Any tips?

Are you absolutely certain you’re at the right station? The Imperial Navy Station around planet 3 looks a lot like the Imperial Navy Station around planet 2 in most systems. I would definitely recommend doing a search through your “all items” in the NeoCon (can’t remember exact name but it allows you to find all your items anywhere in the universe not just what’s local).

Yes. I checked all items and only see my 2 mining ships and my current ship. None of which are the one that I built.

Open the industry tool, Jobs tab. Set the filters for Owned by me and all active jobs. If the job is ready for delivery you can deliver it - it will show you the facility and you can right click, highlight facility and set destination.

If the job isn’t there, choose history and it will show the completed job and the facility where you built it. Once again, you can right click the facility and set destination.

The Industry Tab can take a little time to register, I often find it can take upto 20 seconds before showing my production jobs.

Also, make sure that your finished hanger location is right. It might have been stored in a station container for example.

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