Manufacturing Delivered a Blueprint, but no Ship

I was doing the last leg of the manufacturing tutorial, received the Tormentor blueprint, mined/bought the materials and began production. Exited the game and came back after a while. The job was finished, but it delivered another blueprint instead of the ship and used all the materials as well.

What did I do wrong?! Thank you for helping!

If the blueprint had multiple runs it will give back the blueprint with the remaining runs in the hangar it came from (most likely your item hangar). The finished ship would most likely be in your ship hangar if you ran the job for yourself.


also be aware that when you manufacture or buy a ship from the market, it is not assembled, and thus will appear in your ship hangar if you click on the ship hangar. it will appear in the assets window only if you click on “assemble” it (and then you will see “sidkhullar’s tormentor” in your assets window under the “ship” index)

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Thank you. You were right. I was looking for the ship in the item hangar. I returned and clicked complete the mission and it went through. Thank you for your help. I would otherwise have begun gathering materials all over. :slight_smile:


That is useful information. Thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

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