Blueprints not work / resources dont get accepted or recongnized

Hello together.

I have a really old character from 2005, stopped the game at around 2015 and came back now.
Ive tried to produce stuff from my old blueprints now but somehow half of them dont seem to work anymore.

The problem is that it doesnt approve the materials on these blueprints. I have all the materials in my hangar, 100%, ive set the display to “station only” and i am at a place with production. But still its showing the orange outline and 0/xxx of needed material.

It works for others though. I made some pics to make it clear.

Here you see me having the Inferno Missiles BP selected and it shows blue. And the other side shows Antimatter L and you see lets say Tritanium is showing orange/missing, even beeing the same material. At least for the case with Tritanium.

What am i missing here?

I have others like Void M /L etc, they all work. But then i have at least 50 of those who are not working.
I had a long break, as mentioned, so maybe i just forgot something importqant here.

THanks for any tipps.

Willing to bet you’re not choosing the right container in the station (I think it’s a drop down menu over and under the „output“ panel on the right side: „materialangabeort“ / „Ausgabeort“). Your right screenshot is cut off so I can’t check it.

The UI remembers this per blueprint if memory serves right. So one blueprint is looking in the correct „container“ (hangar / „gegenstandshangar“) and the other one isn’t.

ill doublecheck that next time. Thank you :slight_smile:

Nah, thats the same. Now i have both windows open.

For the EN version of the selected stuff:

Derzeitige Station = Current Station
Gegenstandshangar = Item hangar (or whatever the name for the standard item hangar is)

It’s looking for materials in the „blueprint“ container. I’m assuming that’s the wrong container. That’s why input items are zero.

ahh there. Now i saw what you mean. All right, thanks again

I like the blueprints industry interface, it is nice.

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