Making Mountains of Molehills 8/10

Returning player, may as well be new. Slowly figuring out the controls and procedures.

Civilian Calderi Shuttle - I got the materials, used the blueprint, was successful, but clicked OK too fast on the next screen without reading it. Now I can’t find the completed shuttle anywhere. I have 2 ships and it’s not in any of them, nor the holds, nothing.

Any idea where it went? Can I restart the quest if needed? (but not preferred)

use personal assets to see where it’s located

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Or the task is already completed, then the shuttle disappears as well.

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Searched, didn’t find anything. :frowning:

Though the quest log still has it as not accomplished. :frowning:

In Personal Assets, just search for “shutt”, to avoid typos like “Calderi”, which is actually “Caldari”.

And you are sure you’ve completed th manufacture job? Perhaps it’s still there.


Open the industry-window and check the jobs-tab near the bottom. If you didn’t deliver the shuttle, it will be there.

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haHA! There it was. Had to click the “Deliver” button. On my way to pick it up! Thanks!


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