What am I doing wrong? Blueprint items not picking up in same location

I have Blueprint and inputs in item hangar. Indy UI looking at that hangar. I have cleared cache and restarted client.

What is the manufacturing screen itself showing after you load the blueprint?
That screen doesn’t look like it should at all.

It should look like this. You are missing a great deal of the interface, imo. Or is that due to the UI you are using?

Be sure to choose the right Input location! Right side of the Manufacture Window.

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And that, yes, if you are manufacturing on a different station than you are in.
He is still missing all the interface section to adjust the amount of runs, etc. or maybe I am just blind :smiley:
His manufacturing window is weirdly stretched.

You also have 11 of 11 jobs running, so you won’t get very far at this moment in time.

Sigh … I dont know why they put me in charge of heavy machinery … you are all correct … ‘Input material location’ staring at me in the face … Thanks


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