Problem with building a ship

So I load up the BP in industry, with those needed parts that I do have located in the same item hangar as the BP, and the factory fails to register that I have some of the parts. It shows everything as zero quantity. I’ve tried removing the BP and reloading it, tried using other BPs, tried logging out and restarting EVE… Why is this happening and how do I fix it?

Make sure the input source that is selected is correct. Are the components in a container? Is the job pointed to the container?

Or if your components are all in your item hanger the input source may be selected as a container or other hanger. Therefore it wont see the mats.


THANK YOU! I had left the selected input source pointed to my station container ‘Blueprints box’, so it wasn’t looking at the item hangar… exactly as you said. Much appreciated!

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