Back from a 6 monthe break from EVE, cant research BPs anymore

So I’m back from a long break from this game and decided to get the old POS up and running, start doing some research, production, invention etc, I’m new to this input/output inventory thing, I don’t recall it the last time I played this game, when I try to select input material location the bar whit the locations wont show, am I doing something wrong?
Also removing the POS bonuses from the industry related stuff was a heavy slap in the face

At the very least POS can no longer research remotely from a station in the same system. I didn’t think POS research was entirely disabled yet.

Also all the POS industry bonuses were removed because the game is transitioning to the new Engineering complexes and so should you (because in 9/10 uses they are better anyway)

When you select the blueprint it should automatically fill in the input material location. Is the POS fueled? Is the blueprint physically located in the lab at the POS?

We’ve known POS bonuses were going away for 2 years. The replacement Engineering Complexes arrived with the Ascension expansion last year. CCP still has a bit of work to do before new structures replace all POS functionality but when that happens POS will be removed from the game completely.

Yes the POS is fueled and the BP is in the lab but it still wont let me, "Input material inventory not selected, but the tab where i select the input inventory wont show, hell the BP itself dose not need any input materials to be researched.

The blueprint is the input material! Try selecting the facility and inventory location from the dropdown list in the lower pane.

This might actually be a (very very rare) bug. I had the same issue with a few BPOs which a certain char simply could not handle while other BPOs on the same char or the same BPOs on other chars were working just fine. Had a fairly long conversation with a senior GM about it and as far as I understood they had never encountered it before. Submitted a bunch of logs from a special analyzer tool he pointed me towards. Not sure if it has been solved by now.

If you have another char, try starting the job with him.

Who does research in pos’s anymore? With the bonuses removed you are better off doing them in any HS research citadel.