Research and R&D Agents - Basic Questions

I wish to research my BPO I for materials efficiency initially, and then once I have worked that out, do other stuff using the blue buttons in the Industry tab at stations. The bugger of it is that I can’t find a station that will let me do it. My home station and stations where R&D Agents are based all say “activity not supported at this facility”. AAAAAAARGH!!!

Also, when I try to get missions or whatever from R&D Agents, they invariably tell me that their skills don’t match mine. AAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!

Each system with a blue triangle has at least one open structure where you can do research. Of course you can search for your preferred system and region.

In game, you may have a look at any star system info, there you find all stations and their features.

R&D agents are NOT used for BPO research, they have a (very) different use. Instead look for stations that have a research option, industry window -> facilities tab.


Thanks very much for your responses.

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