Researching Bug?

I am in an NPC station with the BPO, I have two open research slot, I have the skills required to research/build it, and I have the isk. I can not get the research to start! I am getting a pop up with two red messages on is about station tax and the other is job cost. I have a couple billion isk.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Not all stations and citadels support research or invention. In Caldari space, for example, as far as I know only Kaalakiota and Ishukone operate stations that can do research.

You can get a listing of the closeby research capable facilties by selecting the “facilities” (red arrow) subpage, and then limiting the display of facitilies to facilities that support research by setting a filter using the combobox in the middle of that subpage (green arrow).

in the overview, next to the station’s name, icons are displayed to indicate whether or not an acitivity is being supported (purple arrow)

  • greyed out icons indicate the activity isn’t supported
  • white icons indicate the activity is supported
  • white icons with a small + character on their top right indicate it’s supported and bonus-ed
  • the red bar indicator at the bottom indicates system dictated fees (independend of taxes) for pursuing the activity in that system, with a longer bar indicating more fees will have to be payed

For example, the Avifad - Cafe Research Station can do Material Efficiency Research and is bonused to do so. The Kaalakiota Station in Sukirah IX - Moon 7 - Kaalakiota Corporation station can do unbonused research, but it cannot do manufacture, while the Tongofur stations operate by the same corporation can do manufacture, but not research.

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