Job Submission Problem in Complexes

Anyone else having problems submitting jobs in player-owned structures?

More specifically: The list of available blueprints to use in a particular structure is empty and remains empty regardless of changing filters, switching to another structure and back again, and so on (other structures may, or may not, show available BPs). Problem will persist over multiple downtimes etc.

The only reliable way I’ve found to force a “refresh” and get the BPs to show is to use that or another character to “Use Blueprint” while sitting in the problem structure – the first can then reselect the station and see all available BPs.

The above happens regardless of BPs being free or in cans, and it doesn’t seem to matter if the BPs number in the 10s or 1,000s for that structure.

Any clues?

Yes, it has always happened, on and off, but has become really bad since the chat debacle.

I was able to fix the issue after taking the following steps complete uninstall of the game + manually remove all cache settings.Blueprints now show up.

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