Tutorial bug?

I have ithems in inventory and she dont see this…
Can someone help me ?

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Is the blueprint in the same item hangar as the materials?

i dont have blueprint in inventory, only in industry.

Then you need to buy one form the market. Make sure the location of the blueprint is “station” in the market window. It should only cost 20.000 ISK if i remember correctly.

Thx dude it work i dont see location :wink:

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Because its called jumps in the market window, my mistake.

I ment the column jumps, which tells you how far away the item is. You should always check where the item is before you buy so that you dont have to travel unnecessarily.

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The blueprint is in Akiainavas, your currently in todaki

the blueprint and materials need to be in the same station, and that station needs to have manufacturing facilities.


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