Regional market jumps wrong

(Kryshoc Akachi) #1

Newbie here, but wondering why when sometimes I buy stuff on the regional market, it will say is 5 jumps away, then when I go to my personal assets it says it’s something crazy like 2145569992 jumps away? I can’t get to my stuff I just bought and can’t sell it since I don’t have the right level to do that…

(Elizabeth Norn) #2

Did you buy something, then move into a wormhole? I’ve only ever seen distances that large when either you or the assets are in a wormhole, and the other isn’t. Could you provide a screenshot?

(darkestkhan Eriker) #3

Did you block certain system along the way to there?

(Kryshoc Akachi) #4

I don’t believe so, I wouldn’t know how lol

(Admiral Mason) #5

You have hit Avoid System accidentally, so there is no way to get to the station you need. I’m not in-game but you should be able to his “Manage Waypoints” then Avoidance List or something like that to remove them

(Kryshoc Akachi) #6

No, not that i’m aware of, I was buying some components and just looked on the market, made sure it wasn’t too far and then when it shows up in my assets it shows that number. i’m including a screenshot

(Kryshoc Akachi) #7

Hello Admiral, I cleared the avoidance list, I only had the Jita system listed. However the problem still exists.

(Kryshoc Akachi) #8

Hello again Admiral. Although your fix didn’t help me, the menu did, I disabled the option for avoiding systems where pod killing has recently occurred. This corrected the issue. Now the question is am I in danger to go retrieve these items LOL.

Thanks so much for helping me solve the problem though!

(Admiral Mason) #9

No worries =)

(system) #10

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