2billion jumps away?

I avoided a system and can’t find it in the avoidence list and now jita is +2billion jumps away… any help?

There is a checkbox you can uncheck and that will correct it for you:


The one that is:

“Avoid Systems on Your Avoidance List”

If you want to clear systems from your avoidance list, click the “Manage Route” button instead.

That will bring up a separate window that has an Avoidance List tab:


You can then delete systems from your list by right-clicking on the system and then selecting “Do Not Avoid …”


thats the thing it doesnt show up there…

Maybe you didnt actually add it to your avoidance list?

If its there, it will show up there. If it isnt, then you never added it, and its not there.

Are you by chance in a wormhole or something?

nope just highsec and the funny thing is the system avoided is a bunch of jumps of course to jita

nvm found what was the problem! i avoided the system because i got podded in it and i checked the “avoid systems where pod killing recently occured” that was the problem! thx for trying to help me all! GL and FS

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