Update autopilot route with the invasion event

The invaded systems security status are ignored by the autopilot routeplanner “avoidance of low sec areas”. If you have some time please update this.


You could look at the route and if you see any systems with red triangles in them, you can select them and add them to the avoid list.

This proposal isn’t needed and falls into the class of “please protect me from my lazy self”.


:red_circle: Your Whataboutism is not needed. If you select “Prefer Safer” the AP has to obey that rule and ignore null sec systems. What you ask for is people to make mistakes because the mechanics don’t work properly so that you can farm them easier. This proposal falls under the “Gamemechanics need to work as advertise and not break just because CCP introduced a terribly implemented feature”. The reason why CCP can keep getting away with terribly designed and implemented features like the Invasion are people like you who keep looking for excuses for their hideous design practices instead of calling them out as garbage. People in other industries would have been long fired from the companies or the companies would have gone bust a long time ago with product quality like CCP’s.

Adding systems to Avoidance List is not a solution either because you want to go through these systems sometimes. You would have to remove them from the list in that case or set a waypoint there manually to make the AP go through them. All more busywork that EVE definitely does not need more of.


CCP doesn’t want people using autopilot. Instead of disabling it, they just made it mostly useless.

This is the solution.


Yes, it could be called a solution but it’s more intellectually honest to call it a workaround.

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This is a nice workaround, thank you. Maybe it was left in like the 10km from a gate the autopilot still does from the time before we could “jump to 0” to make manual flight faster. The future is not ours to see, que sera sera.

That’s not for you to decide but I respect your opinion, armchair dev.

Call it what you like, this is how you play EVE and this is how EVE has been played for many years.

But you know, if you can say something that “sounds good”…

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And that is exactly why there is a “Player Feature and Ideas” section so people can introduce ways to make it less elaborate.

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