A Route ie; Prefer Safer

This doesn’t mean take me through Highly Dangerous INVASIONS… Okay!

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So stay docked (in an NPC station of course, don’t want to risk somewhere that might run out of fuel).

Can we anchor these Ansiblex Jump Gate in Highsec?

:red_circle: Of course not. Can you imagine the outcry of gankers if you could just avoid Niarja or Uedama from 0.9 to 0.9? Or use a high sec island as safe production hub but keep gankers out?


I had to learn to check my route for invasions etc the hard way…
But yeah; prefer “safer” is a bit outdated atm :slight_smile:

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“Safer” /= “Safe”

When you set up your route, you can see from the system symbols whether it takes you through a Triglavian invasion system. And then plan an alternative.

I get what you’re saying: You would like it to one-click get a route that avoids invasion systems. That would be nice, but it’s also something you can handle manually as needed.

  1. Set your route.
  2. Look to see if there are any invasion systems on it.
  3. Select those systems and set them to “Avoid”.
  4. Recalculate your route.

You’ll want to remember to un-avoid those systems when you’re done.


Effort, so much effort it takes.

What happened to your “rain or shine, frostpacker goes out to mine” approach to triglavian invasions?



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Yeah but not transport. I did say rain, hail or shine… Only to mine.

Sounds like a perfect opportunity for someone to write a nice web app. WAZE for EVE.

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hides avatar head in shame

Yeah, that’s how it use to be.

Unfortunately for some reason the Invasion Triangle Symbols are no longer showing in the route path.

They are for me.

Yes they show but the point is it is not safe to jump and travel through there with anything with a slower than 2.0 second spool to warp time.

Yeah and Autopilot is for the use of traveling between high sec as the route says safe.

How about add White Faction Navy on all gates where the Invasion is up? Where are they when we need them?

No, it isn’t.

Yes,. the very first thing they teach new pilots is open map, set route to Jita and turn on Autopilot.

Who does?

Tooltip does “Activate the autopilot when you have set waypoints!”

Does it say it is safe to use autopilot?

Is this in the tutorial/ new player experience?