Trig Invasion moved to low-sec now its hard to find an invaded system s that have 08 sec rateing or above

Just so frustrated that constant changes “on the fly” can make the gaming experience less enjoyable, even frustrating! For example: I’ve been doing the Triglavian invasion thing since the beginning and have had a lot of fun and have encouraged many to involve themselves in this aspect of the game, however since it moved into low-sec, the amount of systems that have a security rating of 08 or above has almost vanished completely. Sometimes days pass before one becomes available. Issue being is that a pro ganker made it very clear that gankers wont work these systems because the concord response time is too fast for them to be very successful. I’ve spent billions on skill injectors and more billions on high end modules for my trig- rig and will not chance it in anything below a 08 sec rating. I guess I don’t understand why the sec. ratings of the systems that are being invaded cant be more balanced. Like right now the only 08 system is through low-sec and is a adjacent system. 1 system out of them all. I will probably have to wait days for one to open up- if at all. So in short I will be hanging up my trig. battle coat until this issue is addressed. — Thank you for your time in this matter…

------ Zan

Change your definition of what “safe” is and grow a spine is really the only option. Or you can just run away like this. :man_shrugging: See you later I guess.


That was positive… thanks for the reply…

Well, do something else for a couple of days. Each invasion area rotates fairly quickly, running from 3-5 days usually before moving to another area. I hope you are not saying that you are entitled to having your specific criteria met for running invasion sites supplied daily by CCP…because that means you may have some entitlement issues that need to be addressed. Some risk will always be in any EVE activity, it’s up to you as an adult to be able to determine if the rewards are worth it and accept the results when they aren’t.


Here we can point to the root cause. Injectors are the bane of EvE. There are too many people having no business in doing high end content buying their way up.


Plus the flying something he can’t afford to lose so he refuses to fly it in anything resembling actual space. Honestly somebody should just find his toy and en-mass 'Nado it. If there are actually billions worth of modules onboard it may be worth using a small fleet provided the loot fairy is generous.

Though yes, injectors are a plague given their implementation. If they were only for core skills and basic T1 sub-caps it would drain away months of training still but not as stupid as instant capitals is.

Dear enemy,

Thank you for your invasion, but unfortunately the places and times are not completely convenient for me.

You will need to adapt your activities to my liking.

Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter,

Farmest regards,


What does it cost to dispatch an invasion rig like the OP likely uses in a 0.8 or above system? If it’s a multi-billion rig, it should be profitable.


Else I’m willing to pay the difference if any, so the gankers come out ahead by 500M :stuck_out_tongue: (post KM, and your associated Concord lossmails, payout to the top damage dealer of the KM). Assuming the OP is not a posting alt. It must be his trig rig, no noob ship. :wink:

You are not entitled to anything in EVE Online. This attitude of feeling entitled to safety in your little bubble is really silly, childish, and honestly, completely counter to the whole point of EVE Online.

It sucks that you feel this way, but whining about it will garner no sympathy.

Grow a spine and realize that you’re not entitled to anything.

It’s a good thing invasions are not static t2 variant of your fit will work for going to high sec islands or trashcan cruiser for low sec…
Anything is viable with enough RR
My advice no high sec invasions try something else dont grind em day in and out it’ll fry your mind and turn into null bear…isk grind is life and just enough brain to F1 on command.

Considering CCP wants to actively get rid of farmers,
and considering that OP sounds like he’s both a farmer and a coward,
I don’t think this is a good idea at all.

If I had found out that I had to wait months n months to start having fun in this game… I would have passed it by… so I’m sure that new players bring a lot to the game… money for one in subscription fees as well as increasing the player base. you do want eve to continue to grow don’t you?

Geeez who said I felt entitled at all… if u read the original post I was saying it would be nice if the invaded systems and the sec ratings were more balanced… I’m more than capable of keeping my shite safe. These type of replies certainly doesn’t encourage nor is it even slightly helpful… so my question is if you arn’t going to offer positive feedback… why comment at all??.. u all just looking to swing your axe or what?

You don’t need injectors to have fun in EvE. EvE was growing and worked well without for 13 years. It started to go downhill with the addition of injectors, think about that.


That is not true, though. One can - and should - have fun from day one.

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It began going downhill way before that, in 2013.

Maybe some ppl don’t have 13 years… think about that!


Seriously… what are u 10?

THIS is coming from someone who doesn’t even spell “you”.

Or people.

Or keeps using ellipsis instead of proper full stops.

Or writes the initial post in a big block of text instead of using proper paragraphs.

Or spent billions for injectors, skillbooks, modules and is then too much of a chicken ■■■■ to go anywhere below 0.8.

There really is nothing more to add to this.
You might as well request the thread to be closed.

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